Miracles during his lifetime

Secudino Robles related under oath that, when he was a young boy, innumerable locusts settled down upon the fields and orchards and devoured everything green in Santa Clara Valley. The afflicted people appealed to Fr. Magin for help. The servant of God directed some of the insects to be brought to him. When he saw them, he said, "Let us go into the church." There he put on his stole, recited some prayers, and then ordered the locusts to be taken back where they had been caught. No sooner had the little creatures been set at liberty in the field, when all the locusts rose in a body, and flying away plunged into the sea. On the next day the beach for three or four miles was covered with dead locusts to a depth of about three feet. The people again sowed their seeds and obtained a good crop.
Many also testified that the holy man's prayers often saved women in desperate cases of childbirth. In fact, the unanimous testimony of his parishioners was that no woman - during his lifetime or after his death - who had sought his intercession in a life-threatening delivery ever failed to obtain a happy outcome. After his death, some midwives kept relics from Fr. Magin Catala's habit to use in desperate cases and never once lost a mother or a child when they invoked his intercession.
Power over evil spirits
The servant of God had power over the spirit of darkness. On one occasion, in the middle of the day which was very hot, the people saw Fr. Magin, in surplice and stole, going along the Alameda reciting prayers, just as he did when he exorcised persons and places that were thought to be possessed by evil spirits. He said that he was exorcising not only a few, but a whole legion of devils who had come to cause destruction to the people of San José. As a result, though everything was quiet, clouds of dust were seen to rise as though a whole herd of cattle were passing along the road; terrible noises, howling and shrieks were heard, together with the sounds of horns and the bellowing of wild beasts. Then all was silent. Fr. Magin had explained ' that the evil spirits has gone away. The holy man urged his hearers to strengthen themselves against the devil by reciting the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Mother, and thus to prevent the evil spirits from taking possession of their hearts.
Fr. Magin asked everyone to make a fervant act of contrition before going to bed, and after rising in the morning and to pray more, because no one could know when he will die. If we were ready at all times, that is to say, led a life in keeping with the commandments of God and His Church, death would be a welcome friend who transfers the soul to a better land.
Fr. Magin announced his own mother's death, who lived in Spain, before he was informed of the news, and he asked the people to attend the Novena of Holy Masses he offered for her soul.
He predicted that a large city would rise on the bay of San Francisco, great houses would be destroyed by earthquake and fire. How well known this prophecy was at Santa Clara long before the calamity transpired in 1906.


© Authored by the Prayer Group for the Canonization of Fr. Magin Catala.

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