Servant of God Father Magin Catala O.F.M., known as "The Holy Man of Santa Clara",

served his priestly duties at Santa Clara Mission Church. The cause for his beatification was completed and presented to the Roman Tribunal in February, 1909. He was bom in Spain, January 30, 1761, died November 22, 1830, and is buried in the Mission Church. In spite of his chronic inflammatory rheumatism, which developed soon after his arrival, he was charged with fourteen hundred Indian converts. He worked from early morning until late at night. No labor was too great, no journey too difficult for the salvation of souls. He traveled by foot and though suffering great pain, no complaint ever escaped his lips. He fasted each day on milk and corn bread.

In the Mission Church of Santa Clara to this day, a large crucifix is held in veneration. It was before this image of Christ Crucified that Fr. Catala spent many hours in prayer and contemplation, often through the night. Witnesses have testified to seeing this holy missionary raised from the floor while he was praying before this crucifix and that, while so elevated, Christ embraced him. The sanctity of his words and deeds attracted all souls to him - a sanctity which marvelous occurrences and heavenly gifts, especially prophecy, covered with glory.

Predictions attributed to his prophecy include:

1 - Santa Clara Mission will be transferred out of the hands of the Franciscans and into the care and jurisdiction of another Order. (The Jesuits now head the University & Mission.)

2 - There will be a large city built around the Bay to the North and will fall to earthquake & fire. (San Francisco has since been built, fallen in the 1906 earthquake and fire and rebuilt.)

3 - Santa Clara Valley will be a place for people of many nations. (With the change, especially, from Blossom Valley to Silicon Valley,

many nationalities of people inhabit the original Santa Clara Valley.)

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